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Food recycling

Kwaliflex operates in food recycling, beverage recycling, bio-fermentation and animal feed.
Kwaliflex is specialised in the recycling of all possible (packed and loose) residual waste streams from the food and drinks industry, both dry and liquid. Food that Kwaliflex recycles include: chocolate, sandwiches, sauces, rice, jam, honey, bread and confectionery, dairy products, fruit and vegetables, spices and other foodstuffs.

Kwaliflex is one of the few companies in the industry to process, in-house, all the product streams it receives. This enables us to provide an absolute guarantee to our suppliers that their products will never re-enter the market.

Processing of animal protein
Kwaliflex has been awarded a Category 3 accreditation by the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. This authorises the processing of products containing animal protein (such as unpacked foods, diary etc.).

Total destruction
The processing site is secured through a strict access control system and CCTV surveillance. All transport documents are checked against the load. Any anomalies are recorded and reported back to the supplier. The product is then treated to make it unsuitable for human consumption so that it can no longer be reproduced.

Advisor in residual waste stream analysis and CO2 reduction
Kwaliflex, in consultation with you, will prepare a thorough analysis of the production process and assess the quality and quantity of your residual waste streams. Based on this analysis, Kwaliflex will provide advice about the possibility of converting these residual waste streams into raw materials for another process. We have the benefit of an extensive network of expert knowledge of the market to enable us to furnish you with professional advice.

Our client portfolio includes manufacturers, processors, supermarkets, insurance companies, merchants, logistic companies, (refuse) waste collection companies and a number of government departments.

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