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Kwaliflex operates in food recycling, beverage recycling, bio-fermentation and animal feed.

Kwaliflex was established in 1997 and, together with the Princepeel Estate, forms part of the group of companies owned by the Smits-group. Because all product flows that we receive are processed within our own organization, we have are unique in food recycling and beverage recycling. In addition, Kwaliflex organises the entire logistical process, advises on residual waste stream analysis and also Co2 reduction.

To assist us to find better solutions for the productsteams, we constantly invest in research and work closely with government institutions, universities and research centres.

It is our mission to meet the needs of a reliable partner in food and beverage recycling, providing our customers with sustainable solutions and services, tailored to their individual requirements. Our goal is to work in partnership with customers, enabling them to use our facilities and expertise.

Reliability, Flexibility and Convenience are the key concepts of our service.

Kwaliflex BV
Molenstraat 40
5446 PL Wanroij
T:+31 (0)485 476 232
F:+31 (0)485 470 334
E: info@kwaliflex.nl
Food Recycling
Beverage Recycling
Animal Feed
Certified and authorized
CO2 reduction
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